How to Make a Stunning Dried Flower Arrangement


  • 1 Ceramic or Glass Vase
  • A Variety of Preserved & Dried Flowers
  • Florist Scissors

For an all-in-one solution, all of these supplies come included in a DIY dried flower kit from Linard.

3 Easy steps to make your dried flower arrangement


1. Pick your flowers & prepare

One of the most important steps in preparing your arrangement is choosing your flowers and foliage. You can pick based on colour, species, their meaning, or even your favourite flowers. While there are methods of drying your flowers yourself, including air drying or microwaving, you can purchase pre-dried flowers online for a more convenient option.

Better yet, a complete dried flower arrangement DIY kit will have everything you need, flowers included. Multiple colour options are also available for customising your arrangement to your aesthetic.

2. Arranging your flowers

Start with adding your tallest flowers to your vase, as this will make it easier to add smaller florals later, and can help guide the direction of your arrangement. The taller flowers can be placed towards the back of your vase to leave room and create a dynamic look to your arrangement.

After your taller blooms are added, it's time to fill in the rest of the vase with medium and small flowers and foliage. You can really have fun here, experiment with different heights and colour combinations. Create small bundles of the same floral types together, while keeping your arrangement diverse.

A comprehensive video guide is provided with orders of Linard’s  Allure dried flower DIY kit.

3. Caring for you dried flowers

Fortunately, dried flowers required a lot less care than freshcut flowers! Only minimal maintenance is required for looking after your blooms. With that said, there are still a few things you need to do to ensure your artwork is preserved in a great condition for as long as possible.

Keep out of direct sunlight

While your arrangement would undoubtedly look stunning when swallowed in warm sunlight, avoid brightly lit areas as this will dull the colour of petals faster, and may make your arrangement more brittle.

Avoid humidity

Humid conditions with improper air flow (think bathrooms, laundry rooms) can decay your preserved blooms faster, moistening petals and causing mould to grow.

Dust regularly

Your arrangement will naturally collect dust over time. To keep your flowers looking colourful and bright, stick to a routine dusting schedule.

How long do dried flowers last?

On average, dried and preserved blooms will last up to a year. With proper care, however, they’ve been known to maintain a good condition for two or even three years. This makes them a great, affordable alternative to purchasing a new fresh flower arrangement every week.

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