Stunning Christmas Flower Arrangements

There’s no limit to how a flower arrangement can lift your Christmas décor game! Explore our traditional, contemporary, and native flower arrangements.

‘Tis The Season For DIY Floral Hoops

This Christmas, we’re switching out the traditional wreath for our simple & elegant DIY floral hoop kits. Indulge yourself or share a floral hoop kit with a loved one this season!

DIY Dried Flower Kits for the Office

Bypass all the issues of regular bouquets with our DIY dried flower kits! Ideal for the office with no water required and super easy maintenance.

Wedding Reception DIY Flower Kits

Turn your wedding reception flower arrangements into a special gift for guests. Try a fresh spin on tradition with dried and preserved flower kits that guests can take home to remember the occasion. Let us design wedding flower arrangements that will make your wedding reception an occasion to remember!

The Benefits of Living With Fresh Flowers

Living with flowers means more than simply featuring a stunning bouquet on the dining room table. It’s a lifestyle and a guaranteed formula for a happier, healthier, and more productive life. So how do they do it?  Cheer Up! Everyone has their ‘down’ days, but not everyone has caught onto one of the best ways […]

How To Style Your DIY Flower Kit 

What Are Preserved Flowers? Most people’s minds jump to fresh flower bouquets and arrangements when they imagine a florist. But it is preserved flowers that are the true secret to having the most stunning long lasting blooms. So what are they? Preserved (or dried) flowers are fresh flowers that have been naturally dehydrated to remove […]

Choosing The Right Vase For A Bouquet

It’s a common scenario. You arrive home, beautiful bouquet in hand, but you’ve got a problem. Which vase do you use? While some of us are content placing flowers in whatever is handy, the size, shape and colour of a vase can ruin a bouquet’s aesthetic.  Suit the Size of Your Bouquet Simply, how wide […]
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