DIY Dried Flower Kits for the Office

Rethink Corporate Flowers

Once you crunch the numbers, you ultimately spend more time at the office than you do at home. Even if you’re not piling up the overtime, that 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. grind makes your work environment your no. 1 location throughout the week. Companies are doing their best to create an inviting office space for employees, which is where flowers come into play. 

Why Use Dried Flowers?

Flowers in the office help lift the mood, improve your concentration, and purify the air filled with the smell of printers and your desk neighbour’s lunch. The downside? Flowers don’t last. No matter how well you care for them, they will begin to wilt and drop foliage. Eventually, you’ll be tempted to tuck them away so visitors and clients don’t see your struggling bouquet. A dried flower kit bypasses this problem completely! Our kits are designed with preserved blooms that won’t wilt while still adding a seriously low-maintenance pop of colour to the office. Simply create your dried flower arrangement, place it on the front desk, and watch passersby admire the display! 

Water Duty

Have someone assigned to water the plants, or have a plant watering roster on the whiteboard? You can relieve them of their duty for a few years because a dried flower arrangement doesn't require water. The preserved blooms will happily sit in their vase with no water for months on end. No more wiping water puddles off your desk or carrying that miniature watering can around the office. 

Get the Team Involved

Why not organise a Friday afternoon DIY sesh? Book a time and give your team one of our kits to curate for their own office space. Team-building exercises these days can be overrated, but this one is guaranteed to bring on the laughs! Perfect for getting to know your desk neighbours and loosening the mood after a stressful week of meetings and deadlines. 

Tips & Tricks

There are some simple and easy ways to keep your DIY dried flower kit looking fantastic. Most importantly, make sure that you keep your kit away from water, as this will damage the preserved blooms. Position your vase so that it doesn’t receive harsh direct sunlight, and avoid spaces with higher humidity levels (including bathrooms with showers). If you notice dust settling on the leaves and flowers, you can use a soft paintbrush to dust them.  

What To Choose?

We spoil you for choice with both our Fern and Allure DIY dried flower kit collections. From cool blues to fun pinks and bohemian neutrals. Get in touch with our team for expert style and care advice for your DIY kits. Contact us to organise the best shipping to your location within Australia. 

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