‘Tis The Season For DIY Floral Hoops

DIY Flower Kit Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations almost always feature a wreath: green, dense, and fluffy, with pops of colour sprinkled throughout the foliage. Maybe a red bow on top. But Christmas traditions have taken a back seat over the years with the arrival of coastal themes, Scandinavian table settings, and an all-white Christmas. So this season, we’re switching out the traditional wreath for our simple, elegant floral hoops. 

Christmas Florals You Can Keep

While a plush, pre-made wreath hanging on your front door will impress the neighbours – there’s nothing like the satisfaction of telling them that you made it! Our floral hoops are created from preserved and dried blooms, so when it’s time to pack away the Christmas decorations, you can tuck your floral hoop away for next year. Simply brush it with a soft paintbrush, then wrap your hoop carefully in some tissue paper to keep it safe and dust-free.  

Do-It-Yourself Christmas

Our floral hoops are the newest addition to our DIY flower kit collection. Each kit comes with all the expertly preserved flowers and foliage you’ll need, a metal hoop, ribbon, glue, and a sheet for easy glueing. When your floral hoop kit arrives on your doorstep and you’re itching to get started, then by all means, let the fun begin! But if you’re looking for some creative direction, we have helpful tutorial videos that you can find on our social media. 

Choose Your Theme

Lovers of traditional red will be delighted with our Christmas Floral Hoop Kit. The combination of bold, deep red with light, golden green foliage gives this hoop a more contemporary finish. For a pastel-themed Christmas, we have our Willow Floral Hoop Kit in soft pinks and creams, or our Sage Floral Hoop Kit which looks magnificent paired with rustic decorations. 

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For You or a Loved One

Indulge yourself or share a floral hoop kit with a loved one this Christmas – we can include a personalised message with your kit. Floral hoop kits can be shipped Australia-wide, but feel free to get in touch with us if you’re unsure if we can post to your location.   

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