How To Care For Your Freshly Delivered Flowers

So you’ve just received a stunning floral arrangement from Linard? Hooray! The next step to ensuring you can keep enjoying your beautiful flowers for a long time is by properly maintaining and caring for them. That’s why we’ve created this flower care guide written with the knowledge of our expert florists, so that your flowers remain bright and fresh for as long as possible.

These are tips and tricks you can refer to whenever you bring fresh flowers into your home, or share this guide with a loved one when you give them a gorgeous floral arrangement gift.

Bouquet Care

Our stunning and vibrant fresh bouquets are delivered with a water source of a foam oasis block. Remove the oasis over a laundry sink, then wash stems, and recut with sharp scissors on an angle before placing in a vase of fresh water.

For most flowers, the most important step to ensuring long-lasting freshness is to recut at an angle and change their water every two days. Stems can dry out quickly, recutting allows the fresh ends to absorb water more effectively.

Boxed Arrangement Care

Just like our bouquets, boxed arrangements also require consistent maintenance to stay fresh. Rather than being placed in a vase, our boxed flowers will rely on their water source of a foam oasis block to stay healthy (which is included with our flowers). Add a couple of tablespoons of water every second day to keep your oasis foam block moistened and your boxed flowers happy and hydrated.

Other Important Tips For Caring For Fresh Flowers

●Natives are known to dirty vase water quickly and are also heavy drinkers. This may mean you need to replace more frequently than other flowers, so keep an eye on the water clarity and level in vases.

●Do not refrigerate our flowers - the fridge is too cold, this can “shock” the flowers and reduce their lifespan.

●Do not place flowers near heat or directly in an aircon flow, or beside a window that gets a lot of heat. Cut flowers are different to potted plants that love sunlight. Instead, being in direct heat and sun can cause your fresh flowers to quickly dry out and wilt.

●Sunflowers are heavy drinkers, and you might find your vase empties in just a day! Keep an eye on the water level in your vase every day and ensure there’s always enough clean water.

Now you know what to do to ensure the longevity of your fresh flowers, why not browse through our arrangements to have more gorgeous fresh blooms delivered to your home.

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