Florist’s Guide To Picking Wedding Corsages

We’re midway through winter, but the most popular months for weddings in Australia (November and March) are fast approaching. Right now in the lead up to wedding season, many brides in Kingaroy and throughout the country are looking for, or even finalising, their wedding flowers. Flowers have an important part in any wedding and are incorporated in a variety of ways from the bridal bouquet, to table displays and boutonnieres. Fresh blooms help to tie a theme together, add elegance, and help to truly make your wedding special.

What Do Corsages Symbolise?

Corsages in weddings have a special role, they are used to honour some of the most important people in your life. A corsage is a kind of floral jewellery that women who are important to the bride and groom may wear to a wedding. They can be made of any mix of flowers, ferns and plants, and ribbon decoration. Traditionally, a corsage is worn by mothers, bridesmaids, godmothers, grandmothers, aunties, sisters, and any other important female friends and relatives. The corsage symbolises that these women and girls have had an important role or impact on your life up until this point.

With such an important role to play, you want to honour your female VIPs with the perfect flowers that have meaning, enhance your theme and style, and look beautiful when delicately wrapped around wrists. While there are two kinds of corsages, pin-on and wrist, wrist corsages are the more popular choice as they are easily worn and won’t snag on the threads of dress, a risk that comes with wearing pin-on corsages.

Tips and Ideas for Your Wedding Corsages

Choosing flowers for your wedding should be a fun experience! Get creative and personal with your wedding flowers with the help of some of our top tips, recommendations, and ideas for choosing the perfect wedding corsages for your special day.

1. Choose Statement Flowers

Using bright colours or elegant blooms can make your corsages an unforgettable part of the wedding ceremony. Our orchid corsage comes in a stunning blue colour, that won’t overwhelm or detract from all the other details of your wedding, but instead adds elegance and sophistication. This corsage, for example, would match beautifully with a royal blue dress. Matching the colours of your flowers to your bridesmaids dresses is a great way to create a cohesive look. You can use bright colours without taking too much attention away from dresses and the rest of the ceremony.

2. Use Sweet Rose Clusters

Roses are a long-time favourite choice for wedding flowers, and it’s easy to see why. They represent love and affection, the key meaning behind a wedding. Using small clusters of charming pink, red, or white roses and rosebuds is a sweet and dreamy choice of corsage. Our pink spray rose corsage exudes femininity, and will look delightful on the wrists of bridesmaids.

3. Create Keepsakes

Weddings are all about creating memories, for you and your guests. A beautiful way to do this is by making your corsage into a keepsake. This can be done by selecting a corsage made of preserved flowers, or by having flowers attached to a bracelet that can be kept after the wedding. If you’re in Kingaroy, Queensland, our corsages are attached to beautiful keepsake bracelets. We require your wrist measurements when you order our corsages, as the keepsake bracelets come in a variety of different sizes to ensure you get the perfect fit!

Corsage Flowers and Their Meanings
There are many different flowers that can be used for wedding corsages, and you can be creative as you like with how you pick and use them! Some of the most popular choices include orchid, roses, and carnations. Each of these flowers, beyond their beauty, symbolise something meaningful, which can be expressed if you choose them as your corsage flowers.


Orchids are a beautiful flower that can symbolise many things. They often represent beauty, strength, love, and respect. These make them a great flower to honour your loved ones and show them your respect and gratitude.


Roses are elegant, sophisticated, and are a perfect choice for a myriad of occasions, and weddings are no exception. They have different meanings depending on their colours, which means there's a great choice for you to select from. Red represents love, white symbolises purity, while pink represents happiness.


I would think that carnations are one of the most commonly used corsage flowers. Like roses, their meaning changes depending on their colours. Red means love, white stands for talent, and pink reflects boldness.

You should now have a good understanding of the meaning and importance of corsages in a wedding, as well as some ideas and tips for choosing the ideal wedding corsage to suit your needs. It’s important you choose flowers that you appreciate the most, and which have a beautiful colour and style that will fit in perfectly with your special day. If you’re in Kingaroy, Queensland, you can browse through our range of stunning corsages. Each of our florist designed corsages comes attached to a charming keepsake bracelet. You can simply choose your wedding corsages based on their size, look, or colour, or use our guide on their symbolism - for a little extra meaning.

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