How to Pin a Buttonhole Flower

What is a Buttonhole Flower?

A buttonhole flower, also known as a boutonnière, is a small and elegant floral decoration that can be worn on suits at formal occasions. They can consist of a single flower or a miniature bouquet. They can be confused for a similar formal floral accessory, a corsage, traditionally pinned or worn around the wrist. They’re a traditional and popular accessory at wedding ceremonies, and sometimes at formals/proms.

Who Wears a Buttonhole?

A buttonhole flower is traditionally worn by the groom and other males in the immediate family of the wedding party: brothers, fathers, etc.

Where Do You Place a Buttonhole Flower?

This is a commonly asked question by our customers who have purchased, or thought about buying a buttonhole flower. A male’s buttonhole flower should be placed on the left lapel, just above the heart and pointing upwards towards the man’s left shoulder

If your suit jacket has a buttonhole in the fabric, this lets you know the correct positioning of where to place your flower.

While popular and traditionally worn by men, buttonholes are frequently adorned by ladies in a wedding party, too. If worn by a woman or girl, the buttonhole should be placed on the right side.

Pin Your Buttonhole Flower in 6 Easy Steps.

  1. Hold vertically, with the flower facing away from the wearer’s chest.
  2. Lay flat in the centre of the left lapel
  3. Position the flower so that it is on or slightly below the broadest part of the lapel
  4. While holding the flower in place, lift the left lapel so that you can secure a pin to the back. This will keep the pin hidden from sight while securing the flower.
  5. Push the pin through the lapel fabric and into the buttonhole through the satin of the buttonhole. Please do not push the pin all the way through the buttonhole as it will cause the pin to bend.
  6. Weave the pin back through the fabric of the buttonhole and the lapel fabric, as if stitching it together.

If done correctly, both the head of the pin and its point will be hidden behind the lapel with the flower properly secured. More pins can be added in the same method for some extra security.

What type of flowers are used for Buttonholes?

When choosing your buttonhole flower, make sure you choose a durable flower that won’t wilt for the duration of your wedding/prom/other special occasion.

For both their durability and elegance, spray roses, spray carnations and tiny sprigs of the wedding bouquet are amongst the most popular buttonhole flowers. You may have another flower in mind to suit your wedding theme or aesthetic, for the best outcome, discuss with your florist for advice and recommendations.

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