How to Pick the Best Festive Christmas Flowers & Foliage

Decorating for Christmas is always a great way to get into the festive spirit, with many people putting up their trees early in December. Homes across Australia look beautiful at this time of year, with dazzling interiors of traditional red, green, and gold colours. For a long time now, flowers have been a significant element of Christmas decorations. But how do you decide on which flowers will be best? In this guide, we’ll outline some ideas you can use, and some important things to consider when picking out Christmas flowers this year.


Picking the colour of your Christmas flowers is arguably the most important step. If you want to go traditional, you can’t go wrong with red flowers mixed with green foliage. White is also a great traditional colour that makes you think of snow when you see it. These colours represent Christmas through and through and look lovely and festive.

However, there’s nothing wrong with mixing it up a bit. Especially if you’ve chosen a more unique colour scheme for your decorating theme this year, adding in pops of pink or yellow flowers can really tie all your decorations together.

If you’re travelling to a friend’s or relative’s home and gifting them flowers, consider asking the recipient how they’re planning on decorating their home this year. They will appreciate the extra thought of matching their décor!


Consider the purpose of your flowers before visiting your local florist.

Are your Christmas flowers going to be a gift? Choose something practical if you need to travel a long way, something with a sturdy vase or even an artificial arrangement. A small and fun arrangement like our mini kris kringle tree could be perfect!

If you’re purchasing Christmas flowers for the purpose of displaying around your home, you can go larger to impress, and pick out some of your favourite flowers. Your house – your rules! Native Australian florals with their lovely natural red hues look fantastic within a Christmas theme. An excellent choice in the Australian summer and they have great longevity, these blooms look fabulous when you have guests at your home.

Want to display flowers outside, such as on your front door? Be mindful that your flowers can be damaged from natural elements, especially strong wind and rain. A great option is to use an artificial or preserved floral wreath. They look great and as an additional bonus, you can use them for many future Christmases! Just be careful to not put them in direct sunlight or water, as this can often cause them to deteriorate.


Did you know different flowers have different underlying meanings? It can make your Christmas flowers even more special to know what they represent. It can also make for some interesting conversation at the dinner table by sharing some fun floral facts with your family or guests.

Roses represent love, while alstroemerias have great Christmas themes of love, friendship, and devotion. Research flowers that you like the look of and gain a deeper appreciation for their beauty.

If you’re in the South Burnett area, visit Linard Floral and Bridal Centre to get some expert advice on picking flowers this season.

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