How To Style Your DIY Flower Kit 

What Are Preserved Flowers?

Most people’s minds jump to fresh flower bouquets and arrangements when they imagine a florist. But it is preserved flowers that are the true secret to having the most stunning long lasting blooms. So what are they? Preserved (or dried) flowers are fresh flowers that have been naturally dehydrated to remove all the moisture that leads to their eventual deterioration. In some methods, the flowers and foliage are injected with glycerine to give them a fresher appearance and feel. They look fabulous, don’t require water, and love to be left in a warm and dry climate . . . they’re almost too good to be true. 

DIY Flower Kits That Have It All

Indulge yourself with one of our DIY flower kits in two gorgeous designs: the Allure or the spectacular Fern. Our Allure DIY Kits feature two preserved roses, eucalyptus foliage and grasses for a lush arrangement intended to captivate. For a DIY flower kit with more height, choose our Fern kit in the Earthy, Frosty, or Rainforest design. Our kits come complete with everything you could ever need to make your flower arrangement magnificent – including the vase, flowers, foliage, and even your own pair of florist scissors. You’ll have step by step instructions and our own online demonstration videos to get you started. 

Tips For Styling Your DIY Flower Kit

Your DIY kit will become a feature in your home, so let’s make it beautiful! First of all, you will need the arrangement to have a sense of depth. To achieve this, place the tallest elements at the back of the vase, and the smallest preserved flowers at the front. This gradual variation in height will give the illusion of depth and add far more visual interest to your arrangement than if the flowers were placed randomly. 

Next, carefully position your focal flower(s). These are the elements that you want people’s attention to be drawn to first, so they should sit at the forefront of the arrangement. Tip: make sure that none of the grasses overlap your feature flowers for a refreshingly clean look. 

Lastly, group some of the grasses or eucalyptus foliage together to arrange in the vase. Having couples of similar foliage creates a more visually unified arrangement than one that has individual grasses sprinkled through it. Have fun creating little pairings that bring the entire kit together. So grab some bubbles for yourself and a friend, and let your creativity run wild!

Friendly Advice From Our Florists

You’ll receive no better advice than from one of our professional florists! Contact us for help styling your DIY flower kit or arranging the delivery or post of a kit to a loved one Australia wide. Watch our socials for dried flower workshops where you can learn to create and take home one of our DIY flower kits!

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