Choosing The Right Vase For A Bouquet

It’s a common scenario. You arrive home, beautiful bouquet in hand, but you’ve got a problem. Which vase do you use? While some of us are content placing flowers in whatever is handy, the size, shape and colour of a vase can ruin a bouquet’s aesthetic. 

Suit the Size of Your Bouquet

Simply, how wide and tall is your arrangement? As a general rule, the length of the stems should be no more than twice the height of your vase. So if you’re looking for a taller piece, consider our bespoke Jenna vase with rustic orange, or our Smokey Haze vase in luxurious marbled glass. For a larger number of blooms, or a bouquet featuring flowers with thicker stems, you’ll need a vase with a wider mouth. For a sizable bouquet with shorter stems, choose our Jenna Round Mustard Planter or our Night At The Museum Planter for taller arrangements. 

How Heavy Are Your Blooms?

What may seem like an unusual question is actually pretty important: for the sake of your vase not breaking and the carpet not needing to be cleaned! If your blooms are cut leaving a considerable amount of stem, then they’ll need a taller vase. But remember, the taller the vase, the less stable it’s going to be. If your flower or small bunch of flowers are top heavy, we recommend that you cut the stems shorter to suit a more sturdy vase with a wider base.

Complementary Colours

Colour is the first thing that grabs your attention when looking at an arrangement. If the colour of the blooms don’t suit the colour of the vase (or worse!), then you’ll be selling those flowers short. The trick is to remember your complementary colours - if in doubt, search for a colour wheel and choose colours opposite each other. If your bouquet features warm oranges and reds, then a blue vase like Teal My World would be best. If you have a classic pink arrangement, then select a green vase like our Sage planter. You’d be surprised how a little bit of colour theory can make all the difference!

Friendly Advice

If you’re feeling too spoiled for choice, you can always reach out to our team for expert advice on choosing the right vase. Let us help you get creative with shape, colour and texture! Contact us today or call us on (07) 4162 3077.

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