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Sarah has a unique flair and attention to detail when it comes to her Bonsai Trees.  Sarah has been studying at the Bonsai Academy for the last few years.  She is always in search of the perfect Japanese Pot for her chosen tree.  I can see this one floating peaceful down a creek surrounded by the beauty of nature and all you can hear is the water and birds chirping softly.    The leaves from the Ficus tree matches the pot Sarah has chosen to nestle and allow this beauty to continue growing.  If Sarah isn’t at the florist she can be found at her art studio creating and maintaining her collection of Bonsai trees.  As her collection grows she has made the tough decision to part with some of her favourites, they are all like her little babies as she has put so much care and attention in each one.  You are about to enjoy one of Sarahs’ treasured Bonsai trees.   This is a formal upright styled Bonsai tree.  The Ficus is an indoor tree that does not endure frosty conditions. It can be kept outside in the summer as long as temperatures are above 15c.  It requires a lot of light, preferably full sunlight, so be sure not to place it in a shady location. The temperature should be kept relatively constant.  We will give you a how to care for your bonsai so you can keep this tree growing for many years to come.  Sarah can also help you with maintenance, wiring, shaping and pruning.  She would love to see her Floating Leaf from time to time and is always available to help with any questions or concerns.


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