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Horizon has been loving curated and cared for by the very talented Sarah who has been studying the art of Bonsai for many many years.  Horizon is growing in a petite traditional Japanese pot; it is Ficus tree that is spreading its branches as far and wide as the Horizon goes.  As you can see the Ficus tree has a thick belly trunk, looks like it has legs as the trunk is split in two.  Ficus trees are a popular indoor bonsai tree for the beginner.  They are able to be outdoors but, in the winter, months are more suited for the warm of your home.  Place in a spot where you can enjoy the restfulness of Horizon.   If you require help in any way with your Bonsai plant Sarah is only to happy to share her knowledge and passion with you.  If you feel that you are not up to the task and would prefer Sarah to maintain with wiring and shaping that can be arranged as well.


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