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Introducing Sarahs recent release in her Bonsai Collection – White Lace Azalea Tree.  This is a stunning Bonsai tree that has been cared for with much love and skill.  This tree will give you white blooms at flowering time.  Sarah is always on hand to answer any of your questions.   If you don’t feel you have the skill to do styling on this tree, then Sarah is available.   She will also schedule in care time for “White Lace” with helping to maintain the shape or growth of the tree with pruning, trimming and wiring.   We will give you a care instruction information leaflet that helps you thru the regular steps of watering for this tree.  This is a full-size tree growing in a small pot so regular watering and turning of the pot for sunlight is an essential part to helping your White Lace to bring you calmness for many years to come. Bonsai trees help to create a relaxing environment at home or in the office.    


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