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Sarah has been training in the art of Bonsai for many years and will continue to grow and fine tune her skills at the Bonsai Academy that she attends at least once month.  Sarah can be often found in her art studio creating and maintaining her extensive collection of Bonsai trees.  She is continually looking for unique Japanese style pots and the right combination of plant to grow within.   Windswept is a Juniper tree growing in a traditional smaller style Japanese pot.  The way the Juniper tree has been styled by Sarah gives that illusion of the wind passing thru the branches.  Windswept is an actual Bonsai style called Fukinagashi.  It’s a good example of trees that must struggle to survive.  The branches as well as the trunk grow to the one side as if the wind as been blowing the tree constantly in one direction.  Sarah has included a piece of Driftwood for the windswept beach style.  The Juniper tree loves to receive sunlight and is suited for growing outdoors.  Perfect for a deck or patio area where you can enjoy the endless beauty of Windswept. Sarah can guide you through how to maintain this Bonsai or you can schedule appts for Sarah to continue creating that windswept style.


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