Which Flowers Should You Give on Valentine’s Day?

The three most common Valentine’s gifts have to be: flowers, chocolates, and jewellery. Valentine’s Day might seem like a simple task in terms of gift-giving, thanks to these popular categories existing. However, picking the perfect flowers for that special someone can be daunting for many people! When you’re trying to express and represent your love, you may be anxious to get it right.

Thankfully, the florists at Linard are experts at communicating messages through floral arrangements. Let us help you understand which the most popular and best flowers for Valentine’s Day will be this year, and some of the important meanings behind these blooms.


Sometimes classic is classic for a reason! Roses are practically the official flower of this holiday, and it’s easy to see why; There’s nothing more romantic than a bouquet of gorgeous, sweet-smelling, long-stemmed red roses. There’s no getting this message mixed up, the recipient will read you loud and clear! If you give your love a rose, you’re expressing passion, love, and devotion. Simple!

Roses come in a variety of colours aside from classic red, including pink and white. Consider a bouquet that mixes shades for a joyful gift of love.

However, maybe you’ve given roses before and are looking to explore other types of flowers, perhaps seeking to surprise and delight your partner. We’ve got you covered - keep reading to learn about the meanings behind some other popular Valentine flowers.


Lilies have always been a fantastic flower of choice for expressing commitment. This is true for any relationship, but in romantic relationships, lilies can be the perfect flower for showing your dedication to your partner.

They also express joy - and what a perfect gift to yourself to see your love’s face light up when receiving a gorgeous bouquet of lilies. They look sophisticated on their own, or mixed with roses to really give a ‘wow’ factor and impress!

Lilies bloom in a wide variety of different colours, keep in mind that white symbolises innocence and pure love, while pink represents love and compassion.


Chryssies are a lovely, delicate, ruffled flower, and the perfect addition to an affectionate and feminine bouquet or arrangement. A subtle flower, it’s elegant in its simplicity and beauty. Red chrysanthemums are often associated with a declaration of passionate love - what could be more perfect for Valentine’s Day?

Pink chrysanthemums look gorgeous in an all-pink bouquet, which are super sweet and fun; perfect if your partner has especially feminine tastes!


Did you know carnations are often referred to as ‘the flower of love’? Yep! Picking the ideal flowers to represent your relationship really does become a breeze once your know some of these underlying meanings and symbolism. Plus, when you give a lovely carnation to your Valentine, you can inform them of the meaning, showing you’ve gone the extra mile to do some research (hello, brownie points!).

Go for red carnations to represent love, or a bouquet with red, pink, and white tones. Très romantique!

Speak with a Knowledgeable Florist

Florists have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to giving flowers as gifts. With years of experience, and Valentine’s Day being one of the biggest days on their calendar, you can count on them for advice and recommendations on a flower and arrangement your special someone is bound to love!

If you’re in the South Burnett and Kingaroy region, feel free to pop into Linard Floral and Bridal Centre and speak to one of our friendly florists. We’d be more than happy to help you pick out the perfect flowers to express your fondness.

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