4 Popular Flowers to Buy For Easter

Wondering which flowers you should purchase to decorate this Easter? Flowers have special meanings, and some blooms may be better for this holiday than others. This guide can help narrow down your search and create beautiful spaces at home or work.

What are the colours for Easter?

There are a multitude of colours that are used to celebrate Easter throughout the world. The most popular colours are white, red, purple, pink, green and gold. However, most people will associate Easter with pastel colours. But this isn’t just a random occurrence, as there’s a meaning behind the popularity of pastels for Easter. White, for example, represents purity and innocence. Violet represents penance and humility, and green represents hope.

How can you elevate your Easter decorations this year? Aside from the commonly displayed dyed and painted eggs, bunny statues, and paper decorations, flowers are a great way to symbolise and display many of the themes of Easter - rebirth, purity, and life - just to name a few! Many flowers also are available in the pastels colours you might be seeking. Here’s our list of some of the top flowers for Easter.

Easter Flowers


White lilies are one of the most common and popular symbols of Easter celebration. They hold a traditional meaning of love and hope. The flower that comes from the bulb can be representative of resurrection. The white lily symbolises purity, innocence, and life, making it the perfect flower for an Easter arrangement.

Our Classy bouquet features stunning white lilies and other complementary pastel flowers, including daisies - perfect for Easter!


Daisies are lovely and delicate blooms, which come in white and yellow hues. Like the white lily, they symbolise purity and innocence. When you picture a green grassy field (where an easter egg hunt might be held!), it’s likely to be dotted with sweet daisies.


Orchids have been a traditional part of Easter for a long time. In Christian theology, the spots on their petals are seen as representation of the blood of Christ. That’s why orchids were commonly featured in both Easter and Christmas floral arrangements.

Our Sophistication and Ritzy artificial orchid blooms are a great way to enjoy orchids not only this Easter, but many future Easters!


Carnations come in a range of pastel tones making them perfect for decorating your home or office at Easter, and really liven up and brighten up your space. Carnations are often associated with love, a key theme of this spiritual holiday. Linard’s Nicole arrangement features carnations and a mixture of yellow, violet, and pink blooms, ready to brighten your home this Easter.

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