5 Best Ways to Display Fresh Flowers in Your Home

If you’re thinking about ordering some fresh flowers to brighten up your home, or to give to a loved one, don’t forget to consider how you want to display your new blooms. A pretty vase or modern vessel can make a big difference in enhancing fresh flowers and the overall look and aesthetic appeal of your home.

A Simple and Timeless Glass Vase

A glass vase is one of the most popular choices for displaying flowers throughout Australian homes and offices. With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why! Firstly, glass vases allow you to proudly show off the entire flower, including the leaves and stem. These are lovely parts of a flower often hidden from view in other display vessels.

Play around by adding coloured stones or marbles to the bottom of your vase to find a style you like, and that perfectly complements your chosen floral arrangement.

Considering the aesthetic value of your flower display choice, glass vases are an excellent choice. They are able to blend in and adapt to just about any interior style, with their see-through design elevating what is already around your home. Just be aware - they’re typically more fragile than other kinds of vases and planters.

Something Quirky

Jazz up your bright blooms by displaying them in a quirky/kitsch vase or planter. These days, there seems to be a flower planter available for every animal, hobby, or niche interest. At Linard Floral and Bridal Centre, we offer our own quirky planters with our kombi planters.

Choosing a more unique object to put your flowers in is a way to showcase your personality and your flowers in an eclectic or kitsch style.

Concrete Planters

For a modern, eco-friendly, and durable option, look no further than concrete planters. Graceful and elegant, concrete planters have great durability as they’re able to withstand wind and rain. If you want to put flowers out on a balcony or veranda, this is a solid choice that you don’t have to worry about shattering. Their heavy weight means flowers and plants are protected from getting knocked over. Inside, they have a contemporary look sure to impress your guests!

Dry/Preserved Wreaths

Wreaths are an increasingly popular method of displaying flowers in the home. You can hang them on your front door, or in your living room, kitchen, or bedroom (really - these look great anywhere). Preserved flower wreaths are simple and elegant, and a popular home décor trend.

If you’re in Kingaroy or simply looking for some inspiration, Linard Floral has various floral wreaths available, such as the Everlasting Wreath made from gorgeous red roses.

Hat Boxes

Truly an elegant way to display flowers, hat boxes a feminine and ooze luxury. These make wonderful gifts, but you can purchase them for yourself to really add some luxe style to your bedroom or living room décor.

See our beautifully displayed ‘Lover’ hat box arrangement for some inspiration! Or to purchase if you’re in the South Burnett, Queensland region.

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