Guide to Picking The Best Get Well Soon Flowers

This florist guide on picking the ultimate get well soon flowers will help you when making decisions on which floral gift to purchase for your sick friends or family members.

When To Give Get Well Soon Flowers

Flowers are a great way to let a loved one in the hospital or sick at home or a nursing home that you’re thinking of them. During the pandemic, many more of us have had sick loved ones battling Covid-19. Season transitions can also cause an increase in colds and allergies. Whatever illness someone in your life is battling, gifting flowers is always a lovely gesture. Not only will you be giving love, but looking at something fresh and beautiful can really help to uplift your loved one's spirits during their recovery. Flowers can make a huge difference to a bland, dreary hospital room.

Now that you understand flowers make a great gift for uplifting a poorly loved one and showing them love, continue reading our guide for tips on picking hospital and get well soon flowers.

Our Top Tips For Picking A Meaningful Arrangement

1. Choose Bright Blooms

Chances are, if your friend or loved one is unwell they will be in need of some cheering up. Bright arrangements that feature yellow or red can brighten up a room. If you know your loved ones favourite colours, you can also pick flowers based on this to give some extra meaning and thoughtfulness to your gift.

2. Go Small

While big and extravagant bouquets look fantastic, smaller arrangements are simply easier to manage. When someone is in the hospital or sick at home, a smaller size means they can better maintain your gift, and easily transport them if needed.

An arrangement such as our florist choice mini box is an ideal gift for saying ‘get well soon’. This bouquet is a manageable size, includes a box, and you can choose between bright or pastel blooms.

3. Durability & Low-Maintenance is Key

You will want to consider how the flowers you’re gifting will be displayed and looked after. The aim here should be to minimise inconvenience to your loved one. A bouquet that includes a vase or box is a great choice, it saves the hassle of having to find your own appropriate vase to place flowers in. A durable plastic, concrete, or ceramic vase, or a flower box, can be a great option to avoid breakages when accidentally knocked over, which can happen in a high-traffic hospital or if your loved one has reduced mobility.

Aside from the containers, consider the longevity and level of maintenance required for your choice of flowers. You will want blooms that require minimal care and effort on the part of your loved one. The longer they last the better, brightening their space throughout their illness and recovery.

Best Mood Boosting Flowers

Look for arrangements featuring these blooms for a fool-proof way to say ‘get well soon’. Flowers have different representations, including healing, love and strength, which makes them great get well soon gifts..


A bold bloom with a lovely sweet scent, lilies represent vitality, life and good fortune. They also come in a wide range of colours so you can pick bright flowers or incorporate your loved ones favourite colours. Be aware when choosing your loved one's lilies, only white and pink oriental lilies have a noticeable scent.


You can’t look at a sunflower without smiling and feeling warm inside. Their bright yellow petals add cheer to any hospital room. This happy bloom is perfect for those recovering, representing longevity and strength.


These flowers make a great choice for those unwell, due to their durability and longevity, and the fact that they are low-allergy. Carnations mean love, strength and healing, an ideal message for your mother, sister, partner, or grandmother as they recover.


The connection between roses and love is the most strong and well-known of all the blooms. Especially for your wife or partner, roses are a bold way to say ‘I love you’, which can really help your loved one during their recovery. Available in many colours, beautiful roses make for a truly thoughtful and loving get well soon gift.

Before sending flowers to your loved one in hospital, ask about their policies for flower deliveries. COVID-19 may have affected the delivery of flowers. Linard Floral’s professional florists take the utmost care when designing and arranging flowers to produce the most beautiful blooms in all of Kingaroy and surrounds. Get in touch with us today to order your get well soon flowers.

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