The Meaning Behind Flower Colours for Valentine’s Day

Most of us will gravitate towards a romantic flower arrangement that features dramatic reds and pinks. But it’s time to put aside the traditional colour palette of love! For those planning to send a bouquet to a special someone this Valentine's Day, consider the meaning behind the colours you choose. Here is our complete guide to the symbolism of flower colours.


If you want to send a bold message of deep affection, then red is your colour. Make a statement this Valentine’s Day with a red bouquet that symbolises passion and love. Think of large bouquets bursting with red roses.


Pink flowers send an unmistakable message of devotion and commitment to your partner. Bouquets featuring pink florals are graceful and symbolise a more gentle expression of love. For the ultimate gift filled with support and encouragement, consider our light pink and hot pink arrangements.


Often overlooked as a Valentine’s Day gift, white flowers are the perfect choice for those embarking on new beginnings. Sending an arrangement of white flowers is reminiscent of good times and brings a touch of elegance to any romantic occasion. Also keep in mind that white flowers symbolise honesty and forgiveness. Check out our white flower gift perfect for Valentine's Day.


Valentine’s Day isn’t just for our most loved ones. Sometimes we’ll want to give a bouquet to a close colleague, friend or family member. If you’re puzzled as to what flowers would send the right message, then yellow blooms are the answer. Gifting a yellow flower arrangement is a sign of friendship and joy. It’s a celebration of good health and hope for the future.


Need to express your thanks this Valentine’s Day? The purple flower bouquet sends good wishes and a message of esteem and deep admiration. Associated with royalty and refinement, a purple bouquet is the ultimate compliment for the people you look up to in life.

Ask Our Experts

To decide on the best colour for your bouquet, come visit our experienced florists at our Kingaroy store. You can count on us to help you choose a flower arrangement to fall in love with. For more inspiration, see our post on which type of flowers to send to your loved one.

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